Mar Vista Resources corporate headquarters are based in Corcoran, CA. Which is centrally located in its core marketplace and close to port facilities of Oakland and Long Beach. Mar Vista Resources currently has 82,000 square feet of warehouse for storing raw materials and finished products that are sold into crop nutrients, animal feed and industrial use markets. In addition to the warehousing facility, Mar Vista Resources also has nutrient digesters, multiple blenders, water treatment, bulk liquid storage, two small liquid bottling and packaging lines, and a fertilizer analyzed lab facility. Mar Vista has the ability to formulate products and then fill multiple size containers in our 15,000 square foot liquid filing and packaging facility


Mar Vista Resources has a sales and marketing team to support their customers and market channels. In addition to warehousing, manufacturing and sales capabilities Mar Vista Resources is also supported by a technical team in agronomy, process engineering and product chemistry formulation. Mar Vista Resources has capabilities to manufacture and formulate liquid specialty nutrients and industrial chemicals to meet customer’s needs, industrial use specifications, and agronomics challenges in changing market environments. Mar Vista Resources can meet the needs of both up stream and down stream customers within marketing channels. Mar Vista Resources manufacturing, sourcing, and marketing team can support our suppliers in reaching markets, and create value for our customers and end users of our products.



Mar Vista's Mission is to create and retain customers of longevity by providing quality materials and value added products for crop nutrition, animal feed, or industrial use, while creating a safe and rewarding vocation for its employees, and maximizing long-term financial return for its stakeholders.