Mar Vista Resources Expands Product Line with Surfactants

Mar Vista Resources LLC expands their product line into the surfactant/adjuvant business. Mar Vista Resources LLC is now formulating, packaging and marketing their own brand of surfactants into the commercial agricultural market. Mar Vista Surf 90TM is our 90% non-ionic spreader activator which can be used as a general surfactant to lower surface tension on leaf surfaces and give uniform and improved droplet coverage on the leaf surface. MSOTM is our Methylated seed oil surfactant penetrant. Mar Vista MSOTM improves the penetration of leaf cuticle and enhances the performance of herbicides and systemic fungicides and insecticides. Mar Vista Crop OilTM is a penetrant/spreader that can be used with contact herbicide applications. Mar Vista will continue to expand their surfactant product line over the next 24 months with an additional 2-4 new adjuvant registrations.

About Mar Vista Resources, LLC

Mar Vista Resources is a provider of nutrients and a manufacturer of specialty fertilizers for agriculture.  Mar Vista Resources’ position as a supplier and formulator of micronutrients and specialty fertilizers allows the organization to service the Ag retailer with products and services that create value for the Ag retailer and the growers they service.

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