Our Team

Mar Vista Resources has a team of professionals who all work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. 



Jay Irvine – President & CEO

Mr. Irvine has 30 years of leadership experience in the crop protection and fertilizer industry and a proven track record of increasing company revenues and market share. In addition to sales and marketing, he has worked in business development, R&D and supplier relation’s management roles. Mr. Irvine has a strong background in helping start and develop new emerging companies and technologies in the crop protection and nutrient business.

Office: (559) 992-4535
Cell: (559) 288-2424


Mary Junqueiro - Sales Manager (Northern CA)

Mary holds a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Studies from California State University, Stanislaus and has dedicated her career to serving the agriculture industry.  Her diverse background includes her work with San Joaquin Farm Bureau, California FarmLink and Western Plant Health Association. Most recently, Mary has managed the establishment of sales and branding for a nutrient management company in California’s Central Valley.

Cell:  (209) 612-6303


Steve Iliff - Sales Manager (Southern CA, Arizona, and Mexico) siliff@marvistaresources.com

Steve was born and raised on the central coast.  He cut his teeth working for the family fertilizer business NH3 Service Co. starting in 1995.  He worked on the fertilizer side of the business dealing mostly in the vegetable market for 12 years.  In 2007 he moved to McArthur, Ca where he was a successful retail PCA for 8 years.  Steve is excited about making the transition to a manufacturing sales rep and is looking forward to serving Southern Ca, Arizona, and Mexico. Steve received his Bachelor’s from Cal Poly SLO in Agribusiness. PCA#124849  CCA#359055

Cell: (559) 992-4535


Additional Staff


Travis Cardoza- Accounting & Customer Service Manager

Travis holds a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from California State University, Fresno.  He holds three years Accounting and Regulatory experience, as well as eight years experience in Customer Service and Inventory management.

Office: (559) 992-4535


Joceline Alfaro- Lab Supervisor & Product Development

Joceline Alfaro holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology from California State University, Fresno. She has five years experience working in fertilizer-focused analytical laboratories, were she has worked directly with our specific analytical equipment and has performed quality control, and product development studies.

Office:  (559) 992-4535


Jeremy Glick- Production & Tolling Account Manager

Jeremy started in purchasing, customer service, and logistics at Mar Vista before moving to production. He has nine years of customer service experience and five years of management experience.

Office:  (559) 992-4535


Shelby Herron- Marketing & Product Registration

Shelby holds a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Business from California State University, Fresno. She has five years of customer service experience and two years in marketing experience.

Office:  (559) 992-4535


Jerod Dirker- Customer Service & Logistics

Jerod is completing his Bachelors Degree in Business and Administration Management. He has three years of experience in customer service. His primary role at Mar Vista Resources is to handle customer service and freight logistics. 

Office:  (559) 992-4535